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Bathtub reglazing, also known as bathtub refinishing and bathtub resurfacing, is basically the process by which an old, worn out bathtub is restored to a like new condition by applying a new glaze finish over the surface of the tub. Thus, the names reglazing, refinishing and resurfacing.

The bathtub reglazing process was developed in the 1950's due to the inconvenience and high cost of replacing a bathtub. Replacing a bathtub is not only expensive but it can also be a real hassle. You must deal with the removal of the old bathub, breaking tiles and retiling. You may also have to do some plumbing work to replace damaged pipes resulting from the removal process, and of course, connect the new bathtub to the existing plumbing. The expenses to do all this this work can add up to at least a couple of thousands of dollars. And even if you know how to do the work yourself and are willing to go through the hassle, a decent bathtub will cost at least $800.00 to replace.


A bathtub can be reglazed right in your bathroom without disturbing the existing tiles, fixtures, or plumbing. The process takes about three to four hours and is ready to use after 24 hours.


There are several methods and materials used in the process of bathtub reglazing. Many use an acid solution to etch the tub and then spray on an epoxy primer and finally an acrylic topcoat. The problem with this system is that strong acids ( such as hyrofluoric acid ) destroys the surface in such a way that it continues to break down even after the primer is applied. This may in turn cause the material to break down with the constant use of hot water.


The best system to reglaze a bathtub is to clean the surface thoroughly with a good industrial cleaner; prime the the tub with a chemical bonding agent and finally apply an aliphatic acrylic urethane that was specially designed for the bathtub reglazing industry.


If the process is done properly, and the bathtub is properly maintained, bathtub reglazing can be an excellent cost effective alternative to replacing an old worn out bathtub.


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